Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Duncan the Wonder Dog, 2nd Printing Sold Out

I wrote about Duncan the Wonder Dog, the inaugural Lynd Ward Graphic Novel Prize winner recently and have tried to acquire either a reasonably priced first printing or a 2nd printing since I really want a copy.  I have failed at both attempts.  I am not willing to pay the asking price for a first printing at this time, expecting more copies will become available and the price will drop ( a supply demand dream).  I did try to order the announced 2nd printing and just learned yesterday that none of the three stores I placed an order with could deliver a copy.  The 2nd printing is sold out.
Luckily, I'm heading to New York City to attend the New York Antiquarian Book Fair, April 8-April 10.  While I doubt I'll find a copy of Duncan the Wonder Dog reasonably priced at the Fair, I am holding on to the small hope that I may stumble upon a copy while visiting various book shops in Manhattan.


  1. You may want to check Amazon. It looks like the publisher (Adhouse) is selling 2nd printings at cover price...

  2. Amazon Affiliates are selling copies but Amazon has no stock at cover price. I had a copy on backorder but the line was long and I was denied!

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