Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Duncan the Wonder Dog, 2nd Printing Sold Out

I wrote about Duncan the Wonder Dog, the inaugural Lynd Ward Graphic Novel Prize winner recently and have tried to acquire either a reasonably priced first printing or a 2nd printing since I really want a copy.  I have failed at both attempts.  I am not willing to pay the asking price for a first printing at this time, expecting more copies will become available and the price will drop ( a supply demand dream).  I did try to order the announced 2nd printing and just learned yesterday that none of the three stores I placed an order with could deliver a copy.  The 2nd printing is sold out.
Luckily, I'm heading to New York City to attend the New York Antiquarian Book Fair, April 8-April 10.  While I doubt I'll find a copy of Duncan the Wonder Dog reasonably priced at the Fair, I am holding on to the small hope that I may stumble upon a copy while visiting various book shops in Manhattan.

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