Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Recently Added to My Library: The Book Of Symbols

I preordered this book a month or so ago and it arrived recently.  Honestly, I haven't opened the box yet, other books to deal with first.  I am looking forward to browsing and reading the offered meaning of the symbols of mankind. 

Two weeks ago, while meeting a friend for lunch, he started to tell me about this publishing project he was involved with resulting in a new Taschen publication.  I immediately admitted I had the book on pre-order.  A humble participant, author and advisor on the publication contract, he warned that the entries were personal reflections on the meaning of the symbols and probably not definitive.  I think that is the reality of the symbols we ponder, as our uniqueness evolves over time via experience, our understanding of what we see must be unique and best when shared.

14 years in the making and obviously the publication that defines the work of the The Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism (ARAS).  Another destination for my next trip to New York City.

A nice review in the Wall Street Journal today and the official launch of the book will be December 8 at the Taschen Store in New York City.

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