Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What We Need to Learn From T.E. Lawrence

What We Need to Learn From T.E. Lawrence

A very worthwhile read concerning Lawrence of Arabia from the Daily Beast.  Written by Michael Korda, the author of the recently published, Hero:  The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia, this essay pinpoints the enduring impact T.E. Lawrence had on the Middle East during World War I, provides insight into the core characteristics of war and peace in the Middle East and suggests further reading on fighting an insurgency and alternatives to traditional counter-insurgency strategy perhaps best understood and defined by T.E. Lawrence. 

While The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Lawrence's classic memoir of his Middle East strategy, securing the eventual downfall of the Ottoman Empire, remains a must read for everyone, Hero seems a fine introduction and offers the complete story of Lawrence's life and times.

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