Friday, October 22, 2010

Enjoying Lynd Ward

Lynd Ward published six "picture books" and illustrated many more during the the 1920's and 30's.  His distinctive wooblock illustrations are mezmerising.  Every time I stumble upon one of Ward's books at a bookfair or store visit I page through and wonder why I haven't collected his six original publications and all the other books he illustrated.  That I haven't done so after 25 or so years of this internal debate remains a mystery to me. Now, Library of America has published all 6 novels in a new two volume deluxe boxed edition. This edition costs a little less than it would cost to acquire an original first edition which means all six for less than the price of one.  I imagine that adding this to my library will motivate me to start actually acquiring the originals. Sarah Boxer at Slate has published a nice review/article about Ward and the new Library of America edition entitled, Americas First Wordless Novelist, which is a wonderful introduction to Ward's publishing legacy.

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