Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Book Review Strategy

There are many ways to sate an overly active appetite for books. Being connected to the www 24/7 via fiber optics, wifi, or cell phone, I can access thousands upon thousands of book related information centers. While I still enjoy a browsing visit to a local new, used or antiquarian bookstore, and always remain open to an impulse purchase or two, no store visit will quiet that voice in my head asking, "What am I missing?"

In order to maintain some sanity and to constantly measure my knowledge of books I check out a number of book review sections. A visit to Bookmark Magazine's weekly roundup of reviews published on the web is a great place to start a weekend cruise of reviews. While not complete and missing the often enjoyable Weekend Edition of the Financial Times, Bookmark does a nice job of listing all the revies appearing in a wide range of publications from the New York Times to Entertainment weekly. This weekend I enjoyed reviews of the two new biographical studies of Galileo, Galileo: Watcher of the Skies, by David Wootton, Yale University Press and Galileo, by John Heilbron, Oxford University Press,in the Finanical Times penned by James Wilsdon, director of science policy at the Royal Society and Letters from London and Europe (1925-30), by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, translated by JG Nichols, Alma Books RRP£14.99, 288 pages

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