Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Passion for Taschen

I find Taschen one of the most intriguing publishing houses active today. Celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, Taschen continues to publish a wide range of titles, still, I imagine, funded by their creative fetish for publishing various strains of erotica. A fine business model especially considering the strong economics of the pornography industry in film, the web and video. Taschen's motto is one to celebrate, "don't underestimate or bore your audience."

The Taschen catalog covers architecture, art, classics, design, film, lifestyle/travel, limited editions, photography, pop culture, and sexy books. The Taschen books I most love are from the art, classics, and limited editions programs. I must admit that when the elephant folio catalog arrives I do check out the pop culture and sexy book offerings....who wouldn't?

My suggestion to any book lover or collector is to keep an eye out for the next Taschen gem and to periodically see if what you crave is ready to own.

I'll post on Taschen books I love, want or simply admire.  Perhaps you too, shall discover "a passion for Taschen."

Soon to be released and hopefully in my library is Prisse d’Avennes, Arab Art

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